Social Life in Saudi Arabia. Rules and Custom

Social Life in Saudi Arabia. Rules and Custom

Saudi Arabia is divided into 13 administrative regions. According to Islamic belief, the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina are located in this country. The Kaaba, where Muslims perform Hajj worship, is located in Mecca.

The official currency is Rial.

In Saudi Arabia, the official religion is Islam and 99 percent of the population is Muslim. Social life in Saudi Arabia is defined according to islam.

Arabic countries have some certain unwritten rules which are mandatory to obey and foreigner people have to be careful not to offend local sensibilities.

Social Life in Saudi Arabia

Foreigner people who come to Arabic countries should be aware of Arabic customs related to dress, terms of address, greetings and invitations. Also, foreigner people should adapt to these rules and behaviors of the region.

Dressing in Saudi Arabia

If you want to live or work in Saudi Arabia, you should be aware of dressing rules in Saudi Arabia. Because, dressing customs form biggest part of social life in Saudi Arabia.

There are some rules about dressing that women and men have to obey. For an Arabic woman, there is a rule related to dressing that they have to dress according to religious custom. According to Muslim religious, dressing by covering most of the woman body, from head to foot outside the home.

The dress that Arabic women wear generally is called abaya. Abaya is a traditional black overgarment that cover woman body from ankle to head. It has long sleeves and a high neckline with a hair covering. Besides that, some Arabic women prefer to cover all their body including their face and hands. This kind of dressing tradition means that they are trying to protect themselves from unexpected attention.

Foreigner women in Saudi Arabia have to wear abaya. There is religious police that stop women who do not wear abaya or do not have covered hair to make them cover their hair immediately. If even foreigner women do not wear abaya, the religious police will stop them to make them to cover their hair.

For men, there is a dreeing style that includes the thobe, a loose, ankle – length robe made from fine white cotton.  They have to obey this dressing rules as Arab women. Otherwise, religious police will stop them, also.

Greeting in Saudi Arabia

Social life in Saudi Arabia depends on greetings. Greeting are very important in Arabic culture. There are some word groups in Arabic to use for greetings such as “Salam alaykum”. It means “peace be upon you”. When people hear this word group, they have to reply with “Wa alaykum as-salam”. It means “and upon you be peace”.

There are some common greeting word groups in Arabic such as “Ahlan wa sahlan” means “hello”, “sabah al-khayr” means “good morning / afternoon”, “Masa al-khayr” means “good evening” etc.

In Arabic countries, there are some rules about terms of address. People have to greet local people in a correct way according to rules. In Arabic countries, names generally consist of more than 5 words.

For example; one of the common Arabic man name is Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jishi. To examine this name, people have to know that Abdullah is a given mane to man. Abdul Aziz is the name or grandfather. Al-Jishi is a name of family or tribe. To know these kinds of information about naming in Arabic countries help foreigner people to call names correctly. It is impossible to make names short as Abdul. You have to call all long name when you call someone in Saudi Arabia.

 General Rules in Saudi Arabia

In Arabic culture, usage of hands and feet is very important. Social life in Saudi Arabia offer that people should use right hand to drink and eat something and the right hand have to be clean always.

People should not show the soles of shoes or feet. This kind of behavior means that they think the other person is dirty. People should their feet flat on the ground and they should not cross their legs.

In Saudi Arabia, You should accept all invitations when you get, always. Otherwise, people will think that you are rude and you do not know anything about Arabic culture.

Alcoholic drinks are forbidden.

Women are just allowed to drive car.

In the hospitals, men doctors can not touch woment patient. And also ladies doctors can not touch mens.

There are many other rules to obey in social life in Saudi Arabia. If you need more information, you can send your questions or thought from below comment box.

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