Social Life in UK

Social Life in UK

London is a playground especially for professionals aged 23-35 and it is impossible to be bored in the city. Entertainment and social life in UK are very colorful. So, you’ll always have a choice to have fun.

Social Life in UK

Eating and Drinking in England. British Foods

If you expect to see a variety of food when you go to England, you may be mistaken. Because it is a cosmopolitan country, it offers all the richness of many world cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French and Turkish cuisines. However, as they compensate for their shortcomings in the kitchen, they are among the world’s leading experts in fine wines.

Tea is traditionally drinking with milk and sugar. If you do not prefer to drink tea this way, you need to specify it before the service. Pubs are places where the British often go. You’ll have lunch at a pub; You can eat fresh bread, cheese, salads and pickles. In the afternoon from 3 to 6, they eat some fish and cucumber sandwiches with tea.

For dessert, you can eat the over-cream and jam-milk cookies called Scone. Also, The British often prefer Cornish Pasty, Galli Rarebit, Sunday Roast and Fish and chips. In most cafes and restaurants you can choose ”Eat in“ or in “Take away”. Takeaway is mostly a cheaper method.

British Clothes

In summer, they don’t wear very thick clothes. There is no particular style of clothing in England, but people always wear umbrellas or raincoats. Because it is not clear when it will rain. In winter, they use clothes of normal thickness.

There are different clothing store options for people from different income levels. The prices you will see on Selfridges or Harrods are above average, but you can find low prices in many small shops.

In addition, the shopping is very cheap in the world’s largest clothing brand called Primark. The prices are at least 20 pounds for shoes, 20 pounds for pants, 30 pounds for coats and 30 pounds for clothes.

Leisure and Entertainment in UK

In the United Kingdom, human rights and freedom are the most important issues throughout the country. There are hundreds of bars and nightclubs. Also, there are many gay bars in the entertainment venues. Anyone can live his life freely without bothering someone else.

The facilities for shopping are also very wide. There are thousands of people who travel from European countries to London just for shopping. Oxford Street is one of the world’s leading shopping streets, where shopping centers and luxury brands are the busiest. However, it is useful to say that some shopping centers are closed at 5-6 pm. Moreover, all places are closed at Bank Holiday.

There are plenty of options for tourists. The most important and must-see places; London Eye, Big Ben, London Bridge, Parliament Building, Greenwich Observatory, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Palace, Tower of London, Hyde Park, British Museum and Oxford Street. Some of these places can be paid with an average price of 10-20 pounds. Other museums are usually free of charge.

One of the other entertainment options is the frequent concerts. Finally, libraries are also available to everyone. What else can England do for you?

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