Social Rights Of Workers in UK

Social Rights Of Workers in UK

Working in the UK is a great opportunity. Because the British cares about workers’ rights. There are more than 20 million expat workers living in United Kingdom but most of them do not know their rights.

What Are the Social And Personal Rights Of Working People In The UK?

Here are some examples of these rights.

Social Rights Of Workers in UK

In the United Kingdom, full-time employees are entitled to at least 28 days of paid leave and statutory sickness benefit. In addition to the payment of the National Minimum Wage, there is no legal deduction from the payments.

Employees may take regular breaks on working days and work for a maximum of 48 hours per week.


The national minimum wage is £ 5.30 per hour for individuals aged 18 to 21 years. If you are 21 or older you will earn £ 6.70

Under the law, there are daily and weekly rest breaks. If your working day exceeds 6 hours and you have at least one full day leave every 7 days, you can get a daily rest period of at least 20 minutes.


If you work full-time, you can get paid leave of 5.6 weeks per year.

Women may receive a legal maternity leave of 52 weeks for prenatal care.

Under the law, employees are entitled to work in a safe and healthy environment, free from physical and psychological threats (such as harassment or bullying).

If you work for at least one month, the employer should tell you if the employer is going to fire you.


The UK government has taken some measures to prevent the employment of uninsured workers. For example, if the employer employs uninsured workers, he pays £ 2,500 per day for each worker he works. This measure encourages employers to employ insured workers.

Even if you are the only employee working for your employer, your employer must have an employer’s responsibility policy of at least 5 million pounds.


The British government has changed retirement requirements in recent years. According to this amendment, it is necessary to pay at least 10 years for state retirement and at least 35 years for having full state pension.

The retirement age also increased due to the change. But pension increases will be linked to wage growth, not due to inflation. In this way, retirees’ income will increase more.


UK gives unemployed citizens basic unemployment benefits (Jobseekers Allowance). However, you must be under the retirement age and actively seek employment in order to receive the JSA. If you work less than 16 hours a week, you can benefit from this payment.

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