Study University in Canada. Prices of Canada Universities

Study University in Canada. Prices of Canada Universities

Education is an essential need of a man after food, clothes, and shelter. It provides a path to our brain to develop its unique thoughts and opinions. It turns a man’s life into an entirely different world where he can think and speak according to his knowledge, and he can have his perceptions without the interference and influence of other person’s thoughts.

Study University in Canada ensures a quality education for the countrymen as well as for the foreign. So here we discuss some of the aspects

Cost of universities in Canada

In 2017-18 the average cost for an undergraduate degree in universities of Canada has jumped up to 3% from the recent pass years. The cost has increased from 6375$ to 6571$ in 2017-18 depending upon which type of program you are enrolled.

For graduate programs the average cost is 7,080$ per year and for foreign students the tuition cost is about 20,540 $ per year.

Accommodation of University Students in Canada

There is on campus accommodation for students to study university in Canada. The average cost for dormitories is about 3000$ to & 7500$ for one year and then they are referred to a residence once they have ensured their place in Canadian University.

Dormitory cost is different as in Toronto the cost of accommodation is about 1416$, in Vancouver it is 1390$, in Calgary it is 1912$ and in Ottawa the cost is 939$.

Social Life of University Students in Canada   

Students in different universities of Canada are highly involved in course discussions, participating in events make a complete sense of respect among all the fellows in the University premises. And the main social work is that are so polite and friendly that they make friends in less than no time. The gratitude and kindness from the foreign students really attract the Canadians.

Cost of living for Students in Canada: 

The average cost for a student to live in Canada is different in various cities including Toronto for a single person you have to pay 1030$ per month and 12,464$ yearly and in Montreal 934$ per month 11,335$ yearly without rent.

Living off campus for the university students is too costly and on campus preference is good in this manner.

Job Opportunities for University Students in Canada

There are so much job opportunities for university students in Canada. By doing part time jobs while Study University in Canada they afford their expenses. Some common jobs a student can do is

  • Bank teller

               Different banks in Canada while dealing with their customers for financial transactions they rely on tellers for counting money and accuracy. So a university student earns about 12.44$ per hour from this job.

  • Driver

               A student can easily do a part time job as a driver at UBER and can drive at night time to drop people at their respective places and earns about 15.07 $ per hour including tips also.

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