Study University in Hong Kong. HK University Prices

Study University in Hong Kong. Prices of Hong Kong Universities

Looking forward to studying in Hong Kong? Here are the few things you should note. Hope you know that HK is one of the fantastic places to learn of Western and Eastern cultures. The city is well developed and has a government of its own even when it is part of mainland China.

Hong Kong still upholds the native China culture but, it is a modern region where you can practice your foreign culture freely. Mainly, people know Hong Kong for of finance, trade, and logistics. Nevertheless, it is still a better place to enroll and study.

To study university in Hong Kong we have the key focuses you need to know about here in this article; the cost, sociality, and even job opportunities.

Why choose Hong Kong for study?

Three (3) universities in Hong Kong are among the global top 50 universities and yet another three (3) feature in the top 300 universities of the QS World University Rankings.

Also, Hong Kong is expressly among the world’s top 15 cities for students. Definitely, this is a city to spend your universities days. Even so, you’ll learn about new cultures, meet people from all over the world and get good/quality knowledge.

The Hong Kong student’s culture and social life

While studying in HK city, everything appears to be quite different from what you see in other places. Students in Hong Kong universities study passively and get good/quality knowledge on their various disciplines. While we often see students of studying in other places tend to miss lectures, Hong Kong students appear not to act this way.

However, when you study university in Hong Kong, the schools allow you to enjoy social outings amongst other free extracurricular activities. For sure, you can attend parties, clubs, and other social callings.

Cost of studying in Hong Kong

HK university tuition fees vary depending on the school you choose. However, as an international student, expect to pay between $ 11,516.09 – $33,908.5 each academic year. In Hong Kong, there are more international students from various locations worldwide.

Also, you may be lucky to gain from the various scholarships programs available to fund your studies. These scholarships are sometimes from the government or individual bodies. So, when you get into a university in Hong Kong, do well to keep in touch with your institution admins to guide you to apply for these scholarships.

Study university in Hong Kong – the cost of living

Well, this also depends on your choice and financial status. Living in an individual apartment rather than the school hotels or school designated apartments will attract much cost. You should know that Hong Kong is one the most expensive cities to live in.

On average, students living in the school dormitories pay between $1,919.35 & $ 5,758.05 per year. On the other hand, a private one-bedroom apartment/flat will cost $11,516.09 or even more.

Job opportunities for University Students in HK

Since living and studying in Hong Kong seems expensive for flamboyant foreign students, international students are allowed to engage with certain part-time jobs to meet up with the expenses.

Some of these part-time jobs include course-related internships, on-campus jobs and/or summer jobs.

Requirements to study university in Hong Kong

You will definitely need to have a student visa to study in any school in Hong Kong. Even so, do attach the No Objection Letter to your visa if you wish to work expressly while still studying in Hong Kong.

A quick summary of the expenses for studying in Hong Kong

Description Approx cost per year
Tuition Fee (foreign students) US$11,500 – US$34,000
School Hostel

Separate apartment (one bedroom)

US$1,900 – US$5,800

US$12,600 – US$23,000

The total cost of living Approx. US$6,400
Miscellaneous Approx. US$1,900

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