Study university in Kuwait. Prices of Kuwait Universities

Study university in Kuwait. Prices of Kuwait Universities

One good thing about Kuwait is that the country is investing so much into education. So, if you wish to study university in Kuwait, your decision is good indeed. There are chances to do part-time jobs as a foreign student in Kuwait.

However, the costs of living outside the school designated areas can be extremely costly for an average student. All universities in Kuwait have their respective halls of residence where foreign or even local students can live and study. It is visibly cheaper to live in the school’s residence areas (hostels).

Anyway, for students who want privacy and would like to live outside the school premises, here are the approximate monthly rents in Kuwait.

  • 1 bedroom apartment in a city downtown                                                         $949.06
  • 1 bedroom apartment at the city outskirts                                                         $740.60
  • 3 bedrooms apartment in a city downtown                                                       $1,827.80
  • 3 bedrooms apartment at the city outskirts                                                        $1,427.97

Also, note that you may need to live close to the school so as not to miss lectures due to traffic or distance. Transport fares are not costly in this country, you won’t have any issues with that when you live on your own.

Study university in Kuwait

The climate in this country is quite very high; temperatures can rise above 130oF. also, the country, during the months of June and July is affected by Shamal (a northwesterly wind that brings sandstorms).

Students’ life in Kuwait

Be ready to dress moderately at all times because Kuwait is a Muslim country and doesn’t give way to indecency. Also, you have to aware of the social constraints as a foreign student so that you don’t infringe on the rules guiding social activities in the country.

Entertainment is limited in Kuwait; there are no much social centers to hang out. The country is strictly guided by the rules of Islam.

Cost of studying in Kuwait

This points down to your lifestyle, some student’s live expensive lifestyles while others are careful about everything. Nevertheless, utilities are cheap in the country, domestic goods, petrol/gas are very cheap than in other urban countries. Things that can be expensive in Kuwait include foreign goods and electronics.

Tuition fees in Kuwait

There are no static tuition fees in Kuwait; the amount you pay depends on your institution. Also, your choice, of course, can affect your tuition fees in Kuwait.

Getting along with locals in Kuwait

Students who study university in Kuwaitis are very friendly; both the locals and other foreign students. As a foreigner, you’ll make quite a lot of friends if you love having friends around.

Universities in Kuwait

You’ll find both government and private universities in Kuwait which offer a wide range of course. Some universities in Kuwait are;

  • Kuwait University
  • The College of Basic Education in PAAET
  • Higher Institute of Theatre Arts
  • Higher Institute of Music Arts
  • Arab Open University
  • American University of Kuwait
  • Box Hill College Kuwait
  • Arab Open University

Job opportunities for students in Kuwait

When you study university in Kuwait, there are not many chances to work anyway. However, some students who are fluent in English tend to teach other people and earn for themselves. The official language in Kuwait is Arabic and the country is a core Muslim country among the Persian Gulf Countries in Asia.

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