Study University in Russia. Prices of Russia Universities

Study University in Russia. Prices of Russia Universities

So you are going to study university in Russia? Here are a few things you may need to know. In this article, we have included the tuition fees of various Russian universities and also the cost of accommodation for students. Moreover, the cost of studying in Russia (tuition fees) is estimated between $ 2,000 per to $ 10,543 per annum.

Foreign students schooling in Russia have the same rights as the locals too once inside the varsity walls. Well, you should know that Russia is the biggest country in the world. So, you’ll meet with so many people from various countries, ethnicity, etc.

Approximately, Russia is believed to be home to about 200 ethnic groups which speak more than 100 unique languages. The country is really a diversified place to be. Plus, there are good schools in the different cities of Russia.

If your choice is to further your higher education in Russia, your decision is quite a good one. Higher Education in Russia is great as many world scholars graduated from universities in Russia. However, Russia has its own native language which you may have to learn as a foreigner in other to relate well with the locals.

However, and whatever, to study university in Russia is very cool, enjoyable, and exquisite (depending on your buoyancy). Below are the costs of studying university in Russia.

Universities in Russia

According to EECA, there are over 650 universities in Russia and about 10 of these universities are among the best 400 universities in World Rankings.

In all Russian universities, you’ll find at least 20% of foreign students. However, it grows up to 50% or even higher is some universities. Our point is this; as a foreigner, you’ll likely gain admission into any Russian university of your choice.

The foremost university in Russia is the Lomonosov Moscow State University (Lomonosov MSU). It has the highest rank amongst all other universities in Russia. For the third time in a row since 2015, this university has remained on top of the table/chart of the QS EECA University Rankings. Also, the students of this university are 70% of foreigners and 30 percent of indigenes.

Cost of accommodation when you study university in Russia

It is quite expensive to live off campus as a foreigner. However, if you have enough money on you, you could afford to live outside the university walls. Also, getting an apartment that will be close to your school is definitely not easy.

A huge number of international students choose to live in the school hostels. Even so, living within the school walls has some advantages; you get to know more, never attend lectures late, etc.

While students living off campus may pay up to $150 per month for accommodation, those living inside of the school premises pay a maximum of $50 per month. However, the cost of accommodation depends on the school or the location you wish to live.

Job opportunities for University Students in Russia

Generally, students are exposed to some miniature job opportunities, so they can help themselves while still studying. However, international students need a special permit grant before they can be able to work legally in the country.

Even so, this student permit is not available to all foreign students. Reason? It is because the permit is for only full-time students schooling in state universities. But, you may still have to research and know if your school is among the valid universities to issue her students with a work permit.

Asides all these, the various kinds of job you can do a Russian student includes;

  • Teaching or research assistant
  • Language tutor
  • Freelancing
  • Etc.

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