Study University in Singapore. Prices of Singapore Universities

Study University in Singapore. Prices of Singapore Universities

In Singapore education facilities are excellent. Its education system is one of the best educational systems. In higher education, Singapore is the rising element as it offers degrees to students at affordable costs. So, Study University in Singapore is not a bad option if you are looking towards a bright future. So here we discuss some of the aspects of Study University in Singapore

Cost of Universities in Singapore

Cost of universities is different regarding different programs.

The National University of Singapore has an estimated coursework fee of 29350 USD to 38450 USD and research fee of about 26,000 USD to 43,000 USD.

In Nanyang Technological University the research fee is about 24,000 USD, and coursework fee is about 28,000 USD to 75000 USD. This university has a rank in top 10 universities of the world.

Study University in Singapore usually involves different costs related to the course you are enrolled.

Accommodations for university students

When you decide to Study University in Singapore, there is a need for proper housing. University students in Singapore are usually provided with hostels supervised by trained staff.

But there is on campus and dormitories for students. Top universities like NUS and NTU offering on campus for students. The costs range from 150 USD to 800 USD, and it will be too costly for off school.

At private accommodation, you have to pay more than 1000 USD. So due to massive traffic, most of the students have to prefer off-campus housing.

The social life of University Students

If you are a student in Singapore, you should love tourism. Out university premises, they enjoy late night meals as restaurants remain open till late night. They make new friends in university and build a sense of humor and competition which also help them in their studies. They also connect through social media to solve their issues.

Cost of living for university students

A university student in Singapore spend an average of 750 USD to 2000 USD per month and even more depending on the study course and accommodation. A student spends 50 USD average on transport, 300 USD to 450 USD on food, 40 USD to 100 USD on utilities, 100 to 300 USD on personal expenses according to one’s living standards.

Job opportunities for University Students in Singapore

Besides Study University in Singapore, a student can earn a handsome income by doing a part-time job. Here are some of the positions given below for students

  • Cashier

       A student can earn up to 15 USD per hour by doing a cashier job at a bank or at hotels or restaurants where he is paid according to the timings of his shifts.

  • Tele Appointer

      A university student can do this job and make calls for meetings with the customers. He can earn 12 USD per hour with additional bonuses

  • Delivery Boy

        A student can do a delivery boy job part-time to make some earning. He can make up to 20 USD per hour part-time 1800 USD for a full month.

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