United States Immigration Requirements. Moving to USA

United States Immigration Requirements. Moving to USA

There are some steps to immigration to the United States of America. As immigration policy is now very strict in the United States, first foreign citizens who want to live permanently must get a immigrant visa. Please note that the United States limits the number of visas each year and you might be subject to a waiting list. Please check the official government website before applying for an immigrant visa.

Who Can Apply for United States Immigration

Immigration can be based on either family, or employment based except for specific visas such as, a visa for a foreign finance, to be married in the US or a foreign orphan adoption and Diversity Visa Program and so forth.

  1. Family Categories

A United States citizen can only file an immigrant visa application for their spouse, children, parent or siblings.

A United States resident (non-citizen) can only file an immigrant visa application for their spouse or unmarried child.

  1. Employment Based Immigrant Visas

Persons with extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, multinational managers or executives are the three subcategories regarding employment-based immigrant visas.

Persons with extraordinary ability, in fields such as, arts, science, education, business or athletics can apply for an employment-based immigrant visa, as long as they can support their claims by documents showing national or international recognition or acclaim.

Outstanding professors and researchers who are recognized internationally can file an application. In addition to that there is a three-year minimum experience requirement.

Managers and executives who are employees of managerial or executive capacity of a US employer, for at least one of the last 3 years can file an application.

There are also some other employment-based visa categories and subcategories, such as;

For professionals holding a baccalaureate degree and have at least five years experience in their profession, for skilled workers who are not temporary or seasonal workers, whose jobs at least 2 years of training or work experience, and unskilled workers and persons stated under certain special immigrants that require very specific family ties, or work experience. Please refer to the official government website for a full list of special immigrants.

Please note that only 140.000 visas are made available every year.

How to Apply for United States Immigration

First step is filing a petition, after USCIS approves the petition, National Visa Center will get your file and assign a case number. After that you will be instructed to complete a form stating your choice of agent and address. Then your case will be pre-processed, and you will be given instructions on how to submit your fee. After the payment, NVC will request specific type of documents according to your choice of immigration. When these stages are finished your case will be reviewed.

US immigrant applications usually take time as the regulations are very strict, examinations are very thorough and as stated by the government office varies from case to case as some applications require further processing.

Required Documents for United States Immigration

Aside from specific documents required by your choice of immigration, you will need a valid passport, application form, two photographs, civil documents, documents showing your financial status and financial support and completed medical examination forms.

If the types of immigration and the procedures stated above are not applicable for you, you can always apply for a Green Card lottery for immigration to the US.

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